Fleet is powering the future of sustainable commuting

Shrink your company-wide carbon footprint with greener commuting

Transportation is the largest single-source contributor to GHG emissions globally

Adopting smarter commute practices is one of the most powerful steps an organization can take to reduce its environmental impact

Reduce GHG emissions

Provide green mobility options and launch incentives for sustainable commuting with ease


Employee buy-in

Intuitive engagement tools to drive adoption and align employees with corporate sustainability goals

micro health

Healthier, happier employees

Make commutes more enjoyable & boost employee wellness by promoting active, open-air commutes proven to improve physical & mental wellbeing


Cost Savings

Cut back on fuel, parking, and car ownership costs. Automatically access all sustainability-related savings and govt. incentives

The all-in-one mobility solution for greener commuting

Empower employees to leave their cars at home. Give employees flexibility and unparalleled access to the largest collection of sustainable commuting options.

Automated comprehensive commute tracking

Say goodbye to long, tedious surveys. Maintain a holistic pulse of employee commuting.

Equip your workforce with the most advanced ecosystem of integrations and automations to replace manual reporting work.

Incentivize data collection via daily-trip reporting and easily compensate employees for their data.

Enable multi-modal trip reporting & tracking to ensure full coverage including solo driving trips.
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The first non-estimated commute tracking system

Fleet’s 360 Commute Lens intelligently aggregates data from over 10 sources in addition to employee reported trips, including:
  • Flex Mobility Card transactions
  • Concierge Chatbot convos
  • Ridership data from providers
  • Fitness & Mapping Trackers
  • Vehicle location pings
  • Employee mobile app...and more
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Measure commuting emissions with unprecedented accuracy

Fleet’s Green Score is the first multi-modal emissions calculator, capturing the full lifecycle for all trips and fuel sources.

Share your organization’s footprint with ease. Add a widget to your website, recruiting page or internal wiki.

Seamlessly integrate into USGBC’s Arc tool for LEED scoring and into other sustainability systems for Scope 3 & 4 emission tracking.
Take the guesswork out of emissions tracking with a brand new metric that redefines the most accurate carbon footprint measurement for commuting.
Backed by industry-leading PhD research in transportation emission tracking and urban mobility research from leading institutions

Set up sustainable commuting programs and provide greener mobility options

Access to the largest collection of sustainable mobility programs all in one place.
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Flexible offerings for electric and conventional micromobility vehicles. Subsidize shared memberships, monthly vehicle leases, direct purchases, and charging stations.

Setup corporate shuttles without any overhead and opt-in for electric and/or shared services. Offset driving and maximize carbon emissions savings.

Capitalize on existing commutes to reduce car trips to and from the office. Activate employee carpool clusters, ride and cost sharing, and carpool vehicle parking benefits.

Simplify pre-tax transit benefits for bus, metro, and rail with smart mobility cards. Pair with first, last-mile solutions to and from transit hubs to make transit trips quick and convenient.
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Incentivize and reward sustainable commute behavior

Easily apply research-backed incentives and rewards to drive employee participation.

Run commuter challenges, monthly leaderboard rewards, and set up daily trip incentives to make rewarding smart commuter choices fun and efficient.

Get to net zero emissions and make all commutes carbon neutral

Commuting carbon offset programs with employee contributions and employer matching options enable you to offset your commuting carbon footprint.

Automatic per-trip carbon offset calculations across all commute modes and direct integrations with leading carbon offset providers makes getting to net zero a breeze.
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Ask us about how Fleet can help you easily do more for your employees’ commutes
Cater for distributed teams and hybrid work models

Explore the perfect combo of commute programs crafted for distributed and hybrid workplaces.
Power up your commute sustainability goals

Track with unparalleled accuracy, reduce via greener mobility programs and offset daily commutes with employee contributions.
Minimize employee exposure before they get to the office

Fleet’s COVID safety toolkit includes commute precautions, safety pledges, vaccine badges, mask selfie checks, and more.
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