Employee mobility,

Commuting benefits your employees will actually use and love

Boost your team's productivity, health & happiness by offering mobility perks designed for real life

Set up the best commuting programs for your team with just a few clicks

We do all the work, so you don't have to

Fleet makes it effortless to set up & offer the smartest commuter benefits for your employees


Directly integrate
your HRIS

maps out your worksites & where all your employees commute from to create a unique commute DNA for your workforce


See the best ways for your employees to get to work

analyzes all options & gets almost instant quotes to surface the best commuting programs


Activate the programs
you want to offer

enables you to configure yourself or simply choose auto-pilot to set up the most optimal combination of perks


Sit back & let us transform your employee commuting

automatically learns & improves your commuter programs based on employee behavior while optimizing for your productivity gains, environmental impact & employee wellness

Learn the commuting patterns & bottlenecks of your workforce

learn the true productivity loss, recurring cost & environmental impact of your workforce's commute

live commuting analytics & tracking at your fingertips

automatically cater for new hires, employee relocations & team growth

Empower your workforce with the best commute options

your own fully-outsourced transportation team – stay on top of the latest mobility trends & services

data-driven mobility perks based on your company’s unique commuting patterns

set up shuttles, ridesharing credits, e-scooter programs and much more, with just a few clicks

Keep a pulse on your programs, commuting wellness & identify
at-risk employees

track ROI, usage & habits to contiunally optmize your commute spend for impact

get live wellness data from your concierge chat bot & commuting program engagement

proactively monitor & target employees most at-risk for commute related attrition

Discover shared commuting programs within your neighborhood

we'll automatically find neighboring companies with overlapping commuting patterns & bottlenecks

join syndicates to gain access to a new realm of shared commuting programs

easily partner with larger neighboring companies to share & split the cost of existing programs

Equip your employees with their own personal commuting assistant

helps in day-to-day commuting or situational FAQs such as on-boarding, relocations, seasonal changes etc

integrates directly with your favorite communication channel (Email, Slack, HipChat, Messenger, & more)

enables non-intrusive surveys & more to track the commuting health of your workforce

Tap into the latent benefits of a cutting edge commuter card

tap, insert or swipe for all your mobility needs with a single, universal card

automatically deducts from pre-tax benefits or pre-set commuting perk allocations

learns from employee commuting patterns to auto-suggest optimizations for commuting programs

Don't let your own growth slow your workforce down

proactively cater for team expansion by predicting growth-related commuting bottlenecks

find neighborhoods to grow into that improve commuting options for your workforce

easily simulate & compare your workforce's commute for potential new office locations

Be at the frontier of improving the environmental impact of your commuting

Our team is developing a brand new metric to redefine the most accurate way of tracking multi-modal carbon emissions & environmental impact in today's ever changing mobility landscape

Commute green score

4.xx  green green green green green

Powered by

measure your organization's commuting carbon footprint with unprecedented accuracy

seamlessly track the impact of your commuting programs in reducing your footprint

backed by transportation research from industry-leading PhDs & academics

Power up your team with commute-based recruiting

Increase access to employee pools outside your vicinity

Efficient commuting programs expand your recruiting reach to residential neighborhoods that may originally be too impractical otherwise

Fill the top of your funnel with candidates ripe for commute-based hiring

Identify residential neighborhoods where you have a competitive advantage thanks to your commuter programs & augment your sourcing by targeting employees with worse commuting options

Show candidates how you'll help them commute

Add the commute programs widget to your job postings and let prospective hires enter their home address to see all their commute options based on your existing programs

Prioritize candidates in your pipeline suffering from commute agony elsewhere

Simulates commuting options for prospective hires & highlights candidates that potentially have much worse commutes at their current employer

Stay competitive with larger organizations

Gain access to the same technology & processes powering transportation teams at some of the largest enterprises that are moving thousands of employees daily

Get the best vendors, without having to wrangle any yourself

We set up & manage all the mobility providers for you

keeps track of regulation changes & directly works with any new providers launching in your area

streamlines integrations via public apis, private apis, sales gen automation & data integrations

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