The first all-in-one Micromobility program for your employees

Offer flexibility, access, and safety to ease employee commutes

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Micromobility is powering the future of flexible commuting



No schedules, no fixed
routes, no commitments – micromobility offers complete flexibility, ideal for distributed or hybrid models.


Environmental sustainability

Shrink your organization-wide carbon footprint with efficient, sustainable electric vehicles.

micro health

Healthier, happier employees

Make commutes more enjoyable & boost employee wellness by promoting active, open-air commutes proven to improve physical & mental wellbeing.


Cost Savings

Employees cut back on fuel, parking, and car ownership costs. Employers recoup facilities and parking costs.

The complete Micromobility solution for commuters

Supercharge employee commutes with preferred access, employer subsidies, and trip incentives for best-in-class micromobility options with ultimate ease and optionality

Access all providers and services in one place

Shared Micromobility memberships

Weekly, monthly, and annual memberships to shared micromobility services

personal micromobility vehicles

Monthly subscriptions to personal micromobility leases – delivered directly to employees with insurance, maintenance, and support

direct vehicle purchases

Subsidies and corporate discount for one-off vehicle purchases at pre-vetted online marketplaces or even local bike shops

employer charging station

Add universal charging hubs for micromobility vehicles at worksites or de-clutter offices with daily storage solutions

Preferential pricing and volume discounts
Access pre-negotiated corporate pricing, volume discounts, and premium service + safety packages for e-scooters and e-bikes from Fleet's network of micromobility partners
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simple micromobility activation

Fully configurable subsidies and programs let employees choose what’s best for themselves

Set your own parameters, monthly subsidies, and hand-select providers... or sit back and let Fleet do it all for you!

With try-before-you-buy options, employees can discover what they like best. Offer a monthly flex micromobility budget or a month of membership before purchasing, leasing a bike or scooter.

Incentivize, track, and reward commute behavior

Easily apply research-backed incentives and rewards to drive employee participation.

Run commuter challenges, monthly leaderboard rewards, and set up daily trip incentives to make rewarding smart commuter choices fun and efficient.
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Unparalleled ease of use through a Flex Mobility Card

A single, universal card that consolidates access to all mobility programs in one place. Employees are issued their own Flex Mobility Card which they simply use with their preferred mobility provider and Fleet takes care of everything.
Corporate discounts
Tax Benefits
And more...
Skip cumbersome accounting overheard that comes with reimbursements and streamline all mobility spend-related accounting and backoffice needs.
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Ask us about how Fleet can help you easily do more for your employees’ commutes
Cater for distributed teams and hybrid work models

Explore the perfect combo of commute programs crafted for distributed and hybrid workplaces.
Power up your commute sustainability goals

Track with unparalleled accuracy, reduce via greener mobility programs and offset daily commutes with employee contributions.
Minimize employee exposure before they get to the office

Fleet’s COVID safety toolkit includes commute precautions, safety pledges, vaccine badges, mask selfie checks, and more.
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