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employee wellbeing
Boost employee engagement and wellbeing
Launch flexible mobility programs from all providers & services, with access to preferential pricing
green earth with fleet
Reduce commuting costs and shrink environmental footprint
employees return to work

Empower your team to get back to work

Built to support flexible work models and hybrid workspaces. See how we can help you and your employees transition back to the office

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how it works

We do all the work, so you don't have to

We make commuter programs exponentially easier to set up and run
Offices trying to connect with multiple mobility providers, super messyFleet solves the messy problem
Fleet replaces the entire setup process with a few clicks
commute dna
Find your workforce's commute DNA
Get automated commute analysis and targeted mobility program recommendations (supports 70+ HRIS integrations)
Fleet step 1
configurable programs
Configure & Activate Programs
Set subsidies, program rules and rollout organization-wide or target employee segments
Fleet step 2
fleet smart commuter card
Use Flex Mobility Card for all transporation spend
Fleet takes care of all invoicing and payments, auto-deducts employer subsidies, corporate discounts, and tax benefits
Why Fleet

An end-to-end mobility benefits platform that brings commuting superpowers to everyone

save money

Saves time and money

No additional back-office overhead – avoid cumbersome reimbursement and AP processes with direct integrations into HR, accounting, and finance systems. Automatically capture all tax savings. Minimize facilities & parking costs. Access preferential, pre-negotiated pricing from our provider network.
productive gains

Improves productivity & wellness

Stay competitive in hiring to attract and retain top talent. Reduce commute-based attrition. Elevate employee wellbeing with active mobility modes, friendly competition, increased awareness, and engagement.
gets smarter everyday

Gets smarter everyday

Learns from commuting behavior to continuously maximize spend for impact and optimize mobility programs. Enables shared programs for companies within the same neighborhood.
built for the future

Built for the future

Designed for ultimate flexibility to meet the demands of a workforce with more commuting options than ever before. Works with leading new mobility modes, helping set up corporate offerings and discounts wherever possible.
reduce environmental impact
green earth with fleet

Reduces the environmental impact of commuting

Avoid survey fatigue and track entire workforce’s carbon footprint with unparalleled accuracy using automated trip logging. Incentivize greener commutes and align employees with corporate sustainability goals. Offer individual or employer matching for carbon offsets with ease.
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Offer ultimate flexibility with the largest collection of mobility options your employees will love
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Our Features

fleet smart commuter card
Smart Mobility Card auto-deducts spend from the right buckets with single point of access for all programs
incentives and leaderboards
Researched-backed incentives, leaderboards, and gamification to drive employee buy-in
best employee communication and management tool
Best-in-class employee engagement tools including commute concierge and targeted announcements
best employee mobile app
Intuitive employee mobile app bringing mobility programs to employees' fingertips
advanced centralized dashboard
Centralized management, tracking & reporting
trip auto logging
First non-estimated, multi-modal trip tracking.  Auto-logging with powerful data integrations
70 plus hr system integrations
HR & payroll system integrations, supporting 70+ HRIS
commute analytics
Commute analytics to identify and target employees experiencing commute agony
partner with US

The future of transportation is partnership

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