Moving Your Employees Back to the Office

Solving Commuting Challenges in the Hybrid Work Model

March 24, 2022

Getting employees back to the office is forcing organizations to grapple with the biggest challenge to in-person work: commuting. As the demand for flexible work from home policies increases, employers in all sectors are embracing hybrid work. Addressing employees’ commuting concerns around safety, stress, and time management will be key to the success of hybrid work models going forward.

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COVID-19 tested the resilience of our workplace systems as both employers and employees have had to adapt to the major disruptions the pandemic caused. Working from home played a major role in stemming the spread of the virus, and now that the end seems to be in sight, it looks like WFH is here to stay.

"55% of workers would prefer work to be remote three days a week."

55% of workers would prefer work to be remote three days a week and 42% of current remote workers say they will look for another job if their current company doesn’t offer remote work options long-term. With employee retention becoming such a pressing challenge for so many employers, it’s no surprise that nine out of ten organizations plan to incorporate some sort of remote work post-Covid. Not having to deal with the stress of a daily commute is the most commonly cited benefit of working from home. Many employees even see skipping the daily commute as more valuable than flexible schedules or increased free time.

"This has changed the commuting narrative for employees as public transit routes or shuttles that are at the same time daily won’t work."

To retain employees and attract new talent, employers will have to embrace hybrid work and improve the employee commuting experience on those days employees do have to come into the office. The decisions they make around flexibility, workplace systems, and culture in particular will be critical to their success as they navigate a new hybrid reality. At Fleet, we embrace the flexibility that hybrid workplaces require to boost productivity and retain and attract top talent.

We know that a hybrid work model requires a fundamental rethinking of how we commute. Fixed routes and schedules simply can’t fulfill the flexibility needs hybrid working creates as employees only travel certain days or at off-peak hours. Other considerations like social distancing may further impact mode and route choices. According to a report by McKinsey, commuters’ primary decision drivers pre-Covid were time, cost, and convenience. During the pandemic more and more commuters opted for open air modes like e-bikes and e-scooters. While the risk of infection originally motivated commuters, the convenience and flexibility of these modes has commuters continuing to choose them. Commuters also love the sustainability benefits of micromobility vehicles, and can feel good about choosing less carbon intensive modes that are actually enjoyable to ride.

"Employers must provide transportation mode and provider options to support this emerging need for flexibility."

Whatever their new commute needs may be, employees will be best served by a broad array of options so they can choose what’s best for themselves. Micromobility, corporate shuttles, carpooling, rideshare, and transit — Fleet offers the largest collection of mobility providers and services on the market. We make it easier than ever before for employers to give employees options. Our employee-centric platform offers a simple, seamless experience for designing and delivering commuter benefits, creating incentives, and tracking budgets all in one place. It also tracks commuter behavior to better understand employee commuting needs and continually refine benefit offerings, optimizing spend for impact. Our platform features evidence-backed rewards, incentives, and competitions to make commuting a fun experience.

"Fleet is here to help organizations of all sizes to retain employees and increase productivity by providing an all-in-one solution for commuter mobility."

Commuting challenges continue to be a barrier in returning to work plans but Fleet is here to help organizations of all sizes to retain employees and increase productivity by providing an all-in-one solution for commuter mobility. Schedule a demo here to get started!


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